Webhook Integration

Sanity Webhook Integration

Sanity webhook is used for on-demand data revalidation. In this part of the documentation, we will show you how to integrate a Sanity webhook into your project.

Follow the steps to integrate webhook:

  1. Create a webhook: Go to sanity/manage (opens in a new tab) and navigate to the API tab then click on the Create Webhook button


  1. Fill in the form with information about the hook you want to create:

Name: Give your webhook a name.

Description: Describe the function of your webhook (This is an optional field).

URL: Set the URL to https://YOUR_SITE_URL/api/revalidate

Dataset: Choose your desired dataset or leave the default value.

Trigger on: Set the hook to trigger on "Create""Update", and "Delete".

Filter: Leave this field blank.

Projections: Set the projections to {_type, "slug": slug.current}

Status: Check the enable webhook box.

HTTP Method: POST.

Leave HTTP headers, API version, and Draft as default.

Secret: Give your webhook a unique secret and copy it.

Hit save once completed to create your webhook.

  1. Save your webhook in the .env file under this variable name of your live site.

Note: you can’t test webhook in the dev environment.

  1. Testing the webhook: If you deployed your site on Vercel then you can see the API call on the log if you choose the post method.