Github Login

GitHub Login

In this part of the documentation, we are going to show you how you can integrate GitHub Authentication on your Next.js Template.

To integrate Github Authentication you have to create a 0Auth app on GitHub. Then you have to get the Client ID and Secret.

Follow the steps below to create a 0Auth account on GitHub and then get the keys.

Getting The Github Secret and Client ID

To generate the Github Secret and Client ID first, you have to create a 0Auth Application on Github.

  1. Go to your GitHub account then navigate to the Developer Settings (opens in a new tab)


  1. Click on the 0Auth App button then click on the Register a new application button to register an Application.


  1. Register an App by providing all the information.

    Remember to change the Authorization Callback URL for the production. Just change the http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) part of the URL with the URL of your website.


  1. Generate the Client's Secret: Click on the Generate a new client secret button to generate the Secret.


  1. Now Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from here.


  1. Now, add those keys to your .env file to the following variables