Next.js SaaS Starter Kit Template for Startups

Next.js SaaS Starter Kit Template for Startups

Next.js SaaS starter, that is crafted for full-functional SaaS startup websites. Comes with Auth, DB, Blog, and all essential integrations with SaaS business pages, components, and integrations for a quick launch. It offers comprehensive tech stacks, support, and features to rapidly create a modern SaaS startup website.

This SaaS Startup Starter template offers complete support for databases using PlanetScale, authentication using NextAuth, payment processing with Stripe, a fully functional blog with Markdown or Sanity, and documentation with Markdown. With these features and more, building an SaaS product using Next.js and modern tech stacks has never been easier.

Tech Stacks and Integrations

  • Powered by Next.js: Built on Next.js 13, React 18, and TypeScript. Enjoy fast loading times, cutting-edge features, an optimal user experience, and the privilege of huge community support.
  • MDX and Sanity for Blog Management: Choose between integrating with Sanity CMS or MDX for effortless management of your blog content. Keep your content up-to-date with minimal effort. Startup Pro comes with both support and integration, so you can manage your contents effortlessly.
  • Seamless Authentication with NextAuth: Implemented secure login functionality with NextAuth. Enabled users to authenticate securely and access your application.
  • MySQL Database Integration: Seamless DB integration with PlanetScale's MySQL database. Experience high performance, scalability, and reliability for your application. You can change it to Postgres or MongoDB too depending on your needs.
  • Comprehensive Docs Portal: Create user-friendly documentation using the power of MDX. Develop a documentation portal that is easy to navigate and understand. Startup Pro comes with a fully functional docs portal setup which you can manage with MDX.
  • Stripe Integration for Subscription Payments: Payment integration implemented with Stripe, so you can start accepting subscription payments flawlessly.
  • Next-Level Code Quality: Implemented best practices following Next.js's recommended settings, import sorting rules, and Eslint integration. Ensured high-quality code and maintainable development practices.
  • TypeScript: Template written in TypeScript

User Interface, UI Components and Design

  • 2 Unique Homepage Variations: Choose from two unique homepage designs specially crafted for SaaS startups to effectively showcase your product in the best possible way.
  • Essential UI Components: A comprehensive collection of essential UI components such as - team, pricing, FAQ, brands, testimonials, features, an intro video section, blogs, contact forms, and more with various customization options and multiple variations.
  • Pre-made SaaS Pages: Ready-to-use SaaS startup business pages such as - about, contact, pricing, dynamic blog, dynamic docs, auth integrated enabled login, auth integrated registration, 404 error pages and more.
  • Tailwind CSS: Utilize the power of the Tailwind CSS framework for frontend development. Customize efficiently all UI elements without writing extensive CSS code.
  • Perfect and Highly-optimized Dark Mode: Personalize your user interface according to your SaaS brand's unique needs. Customize themes and enable dark mode effortlessly with our built-in dark mode support.

SEO and Performance

  • Enhanced SEO Setup: Comes with essential SEO meta setup for each page, just update contents and make it yours.
  • Optimized for Web Vitals: Our boilerplate is designed to meet Google's latest web vitals standards. Enjoy fast loading times, smooth user experiences, and improved search engine rankings.
  • One-click Deployment: Easily launch Startup Pro using Vercel or any other serverless deployment platform.

Guides and Docs

This complete Startup SaaS Starter Kit provides exceptional value for independent creators, compact teams, and solo entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate the development and launch of their SaaS products. By utilizing this starter toolkit, startup founders can streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and bring their innovative software solutions to market more rapidly and efficiently.

Other Features and Benefits

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime free updates
  • 12 months of free tech support

and much more

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Template Information

Released on: 28/05/2023

Last Updated: 22/09/2023

Built with: Next.js

Version: 1.3

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Free Lifetime Updates

12 Months Tech Support

Detailed and Rich Docs

One-time Payment

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