Solid - Next.js SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit

Solid - Next.js SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit

Solid is a robust Next.js SaaS boilerplate and starter kit, crafted for creating fully-functional SaaS startup websites. It's packed with all the key integrations required for a swift launch of your next SaaS startup. Solid is geared with all the major integrations, components, and pages needed for a seamless launch, including Auth, DB, Blog, Business Pages, and other essential UI elements.

With Solid, the development of your SaaS product using Next.js and the most advanced tech stacks becomes a walk in the park.

Key Features:

Cutting-edge Technologies: Built on Next.js 13, React 18, and TypeScript, you can enjoy swift loading times, advanced features, an optimum user experience, and the advantage of abundant community support.

Blog Management with Sanity: Sanity CMS for seamless management and creation of your blog content. 

Seamless Authentication with NextAuth: We've implemented secure login functionality with NextAuth, enabling users to authenticate securely and access your application.

PostgreSQL Database Integration by Vercel: Experience high performance, scalability, and reliability with PostgreSQL database by Vercel. 

Stripe Integration for Subscription Payments: Payment integration is done with Stripe, enabling flawless acceptance of subscription payments.

Next-Level Code Quality: We've implemented best practices following Next.js's recommended settings, best practices, and rules. 

TypeScript: The entire template is scripted in TypeScript.

High-Quality Design: Meticulously crafted with a keen focus on modern design trends, best practices, and an exceptional user experience.

Pre-made SaaS Pages: Ready-to-use SaaS startup business pages such as about, contact, pricing, dynamic blog, dynamic docs, auth integrated login, auth integrated registration, and more.

Comprehensive Docs Portal: Built-in support to develop a user-friendly documentation portal by leveraging the power of MDX. 

Essential UI Components: An extensive collection of essential UI components, each offering various customization options and multiple variations styled with Tailwind CSS.

SEO and Performance Optimized: This means designed to load quickly, run smoothly, and provide an improved user experience, and be crafted following all SEO best practices. This could include features like mobile responsiveness, fast loading times, efficient coding, and compatibility with various browsers and devices.

Dark Mode Support: Highly-Optimized Dark Mode feature lets you tailor your user interface to fit your SaaS brand's unique requirements. You can play around with themes and switch on the dark mode with ease, thanks to our built-in support.

Moreover, Solid offers an array of essential UI components styled with Tailwind CSS, and pre-made SaaS pages such as about, contact, pricing, dynamic blog, dynamic docs, auth integrated login, auth integrated registration, and more. Solid is not just a solution, it's the key to a swift and successful launch of your SaaS startup website with cutting-edge features.

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Released on: 09/07/2023

Last Updated: 19/09/2023

Built with: Next.js

Version: 1.0

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