Play - Free SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for Next.js

Play - Free SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for Next.js

Last Updated On: 03/04/2024

Built with: Next.js 14

Version: 1.0

Github Repo: play-nextjs

Author: NextJSTemplates

Play Next.js, a free, open-source SaaS starter kit and boilerplate perfect for SaaS startups, apps, businesses, and beyond. This kit is crafted with an exquisite design, features, integrations and fundamental UI components & pages, providing all the necessary tools to launch a fully-featured SaaS website.

Your Go-to SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for Next.js ?

Play Next.js serves as a free, open-source SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit ideal for startups, SaaS enterprises, and more. It comes equipped with necessary UI components, database and authentication integration, and Stripe integration. With its superior design and functionality, it's the perfect choice for launching a feature-rich SaaS website efficiently.

All Key Integrations in One Place: Database, Auth, Payment, MDX, and more

Play Next.js SaaS Starter kit encompasses all the pivotal integrations needed to construct a fully operational SaaS platform.

  • PostgreSQL for Database: It comes integrated with PostgreSQL, a potent and open-source relational database system, ensuring data integrity and reliability.
  • NextAuth for Authentication: Play Next.js uses NextAuth, an adaptable solution offering secure login and user management.
  • MDX for Blogs: Play Next.js provides a comprehensive blogging solution using MDX, which uniquely blends Markdown and JSX.
  • Stripe for Subscription Payments: Stripe, a globally recognized payment platform, provides robust security features and smooth checkout experiences.

Together these integrations simplify the development process and enhance the user experience.

Essential SaaS Pages & Components, Styled with Tailwind CSS ?

The Play Next.js SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit is styled using Tailwind CSS, a highly customizable and utility-first CSS framework. With Tailwind, every component and page of this kit, including login, signup, blog, about, and others, have been meticulously crafted to deliver superior aesthetics and peak usability.

With Play Next.js SaaS boilerplate, you’ll have a professional-looking website that operates seamlessly, greatly reducing your web development time and effort.

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